Our Project Areas

Digital Society Studio in Berlin


The Digital Society Studio unites ca. 150 guests with different scientific backgrounds, artists, authors and invitees from politics, economy and civil society with the aim to discuss societal consequences of digitalization, focusing on virtues, legislation and prosperity. The Digital Society Studio is the second component of the international Digital Future Conference and is jointly organized by Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Tagesspiegel.


Digital Science Match in Berlin


Up to 50 researchers of Berlin’s scientific institutions and their German and international partners will feature their latest technological innovations in keynotes and 5-minute presentations in a single day. Central themes will be, for example, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, digital sovereignty and high performance computing. The Digital Science Match is the start of the international Digital Future Conference and is jointly organized by Tagesspiegel Science Match, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Zuse Institut Berlin, Berlin Big Data Center and Einstein Center Digital Future.


"Stress and the City" in Berlin


Can cities make us ill? And if so, why are they still good for us? In “Stress and the City”, Mazda Adli, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, asks how our brain reacts to permanent stimuli in the city. He draws the conclusion that urbanization will influence our health as significantly as climate change. On May 10th, he will present his new book. It is a result of his work in the interdisciplinary forum on Neuro-Urbanism that he founded with Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and other experts.