Urban Dialogues Berlin, March 28, 2019

“Urban Africa: beyond develo-pment as usual

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft hosts second Urban Africa roundtable event

When talking about Africa, we should be talking more about its cities. The continent is undergoing a structural transformation connected with a rapid process of urbanization. However: While historically, we have seen a virtuous relationship between economic development and urbanization, governments in most African cities are not going far enough to put in place effective measures to provide basic infrastructure, jobs and education in their cities. As a consequence, African cities are likely to remain characterized by so-called “informal” economic activity and thus will be unable to provide the opportunities for citizens and businesses to truly thrive.

Germany is committed to work with African partners to address these challenges. Several initiatives and policies have been launched and strengthened, for example the Marshall Plan with Africa, the G20 Compact with Africa, SAFRI, ‘Afrika Kommt’, or the Africa Strategy of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research – to name a few.

The desire to unpack the urban dimension of German policies on Africa further and to support a frank reflection on development practice are central to the second Urban Africa roundtable “Urban Africa: beyond development as usual”, hosted by Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft on 28 March. Based on the experiences of a first workshop in March and the Urban Age conference in Addis Ababa in November, the roundtable aims at deepening the understanding of urban dynamics in sub-Sahara Africa, reflecting on existing frameworks of engagement and understand how to translate them into demand-driven systems and at discussing opportunities to anchor the urban dimension in German-Africa development activities.

The event will bring together leading international researchers and advisors from the fields of urban and economic development, foreign policy, and development cooperation, as well as regional and urban experts from sub-Sahara Africa.


Participation is by invitation only. For any information, please contact Elisabeth Mansfeld, Head of Cities Program.