Urban Age Task Force Addis Ababa, July 31, 2019

Urban Age Task Force Addis Ababa resumes work

Eighteen months programme starts in the Ethiopian metropolis

The Urban Age Task Force Addis Ababa is on hold until the end of 2020. Bearing the ongoing development of the pandemic in mind, we are keen to resume online and physical collaboration with the city in 2021.

In the aftermath of the Urban Age conference in Addis Ababa in November 2018, the Ethiopian capital is continuously in the focus of the Urban Age programme: The first Urban Age Task Force has resumed work here. It is part of the two-year „Task Force“ project. It builds on the successes and strengths of the Urban Age programme, and extends its focus: Working with local experts the task forces will develop interdisciplinary research-informed proposals for the issues being faced in cities experiencing rapid growth or significant urban change, support local capacity building, and optimise the impact of urbanisation on the lives of citizens.

The work of the Task Force in Addis Ababa will concentrate on data and information, integrated governancce and coordination and land governance and will be organized, inter alia, in two workshops. The focus issues have been proposed based on a scoring system and have been assessed and approved by both the City Plan Commission of the city of Addis Ababa and the Urban Age Executive Group.

With the establishing of the Task Forces, the Urban Age programme is moving forward and expands its activities from research, critical reflection and dialogue to concretely delivering urban change.

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Elisabeth Mansfeld, project area Cities