Think. Order. Form. Forwards Berlin, September 23, 2019

“Weiter. Denken. Ordnen. Gestalten – Mutige Gedanken zu den Fragen unserer Zeit”

Book presentation with Paul Achleitner at Quartier Zukunft.

"Thinking forwards, not commemorating", said Paul Achleitner, „this would have been Alfred Herrhausen’s will.” As chairman of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft’s Board of Trustees, he held the welcoming speech at the book release event of “Think. Order. Form. Forwards.“ on 23 September at Quartier Zukunft of Deutsche Bank in Berlin. Before he fell victim to an assassination in 1989, Alfred Herrhausen was the Spokesman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank. In the same time, he was renowned across the world for being a fearless thinker and visionary analyst, who openly reflected on issues that only very few of his contemporaries broached.

There was no reserve of constructive ideas, Anna Herrhausen cited her father. Instead, it was necessary to think anew all the time, depending on the current situation: “This is what we have been doing in this project.” Thus, leading thinkers of our time perpetuate Herrhausen’s visionary thoughts on the thematic areas “an economy for mankind“, „democracy in our hands“, „a question of culture“, „Europe, our future“, „no power without responsibility“. Statesmen like Mikhail Gorbachev, expert scientists like Constanze Stelzenmueller and Parag Khanna, historians like Heinrich August Winkler, educational activists like Margret Rasfeld and artists like Roman Lipski have contributed to the publication. “All these contributions have in common that they are thoroughly thought through, in the spirit of Alfred Herrhausen”, said Anna Herrhausen, managing director of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. “And they uphold his values: freedom, openness and responsibility.”

The following discussion with authors of the book and other contributors to the project showed the broad spectrum of issues and ideas. Re-think education and re-learn learning, is the impulse of political scientist Marlen Klaws. “We do not want to stop at thinking only, we also want to learn how to act.” Jamila Tressel, young author and activist, is also working on a revolution in education. She wants to take “courage and the experience of empowerment” into schools. A connection between artificial intelligence, culture and consciousness has been shown by neuroscientist and psychologist Tania Singer and artist Roman Lipski, whose digital AI-muse is devoid of creational crises. Naika Foroutan, Berlin Institute for Empirical Integration and Migration Research, and circular economy expert Ronja Wolf debated the normative basis of our democracy with Anna Herrhausen.

The discussion with Hanno Burmester, Progressives Zentrum e.V., showed the common will of the protagonists to engage in developing constructive, valuable ideas for a world of tomorrow. Thus, in the project “Think. Order. Form. Forward”, Alfred Herrhausen’s thoughts are turned into a starting point for a new way of thinking and inspire debates without a time frame.

"Think. Oder. Form. Forward." is currently available in German only. It was published as book and as audio book by Siedler Verlag and is for sale at bookshops. If you wish not only to read forward, but to listen and watch, visit the website, which informs about the project and provides additional content like videos and podcasts.

Quartier Zukunft – a place to think forwards

Quartier Zukunft is becoming a place to think, listen and see forwards: following the publication of the book “Think. Order. Form. Forwards“, you are invited to curl up in a small lounge and let yourself be inspired by large-size illustrations specifically created by the artist Thilo Rothacker. A selection of books by the contributing authors of “Think. Order. Form. Forwards“ allows you to further delve into the issues. Also, you may use the iPads provided to visit the website and enjoy the content it provides – videos, podcasts and summaries of the book chapters.

Duration: 24 September 2019 until 11 March 2020
Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Saturdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Address: Quartier Zukunft, Friedrichstraße 181, 10117 Berlin

The entrance is free.

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