Digital Europe 2030 Germany, July 7, 2020

Now published: three scenarios for Europe’s future

In a series of workshops in the run-up to the German EU Council Presidency, an expert group developed three explorative scenarios regarding the public sphere and digital sove¬reignty in a “Digital Europe 2030”

Marking the beginning of the German EU Council Presidency, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft has published the first results of the multi-faceted foresight project "Digital Europe 2030 - The Public Sphere and Digital Sovereignty", in which an interdisciplinary group of experts has systematically constructed possible futures. How can Europe succeed in the future under digital conditions? The special focus of the project is on the transformation of the public sphere in the digital age, which is reflected upon in the context of Europe's digital sovereignty.

In a series of workshops in the run-up to the German EU Council Presidency, the group developed three explorative scenarios for digital Europe 2030. These are plausible representations of how the world could develop in different directions in the next decade. They help us to look beyond our own horizons, to become conscious of complex interdependencies, to better understand our own environment and to make decisions today that we will only be able to truly value tomorrow.

The scenarios developed by the group were put into writing by the project team with the help of a Sounding Board. As of today, the final scenarios are available for download on our website in the Publications section. This marks the beginning of the “transfer phase” of the project: the scenarios will only have a concrete impact once strategic options for action are derived from them. In the coming months, we will develop dialogue formats and other publications to do just this and thus to expand and exploit the potential of the scenarios.

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