Urban Age Debate Virtual, March 5, 2021

Socialising Remote Work: How would our cities change in a future of mobile work?

Panel during the digital themed week “ZEIT für Arbeit“

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally challenged the nature of cities. Social distancing, the closure of businesses, museums and schools as well as working from home are having an impact in almost all cities worldwide and are threatening urban life as we know it. A reassessment of issues such as density, urban economy, mobility, governance and sustainability could be the result. Urban Age is now taking up these issues with the "Urban Age Debates".

During the digital themed week “ZEIT für Arbeit”, Philipp Rode, LSE Cities, and Elisabeth Mansfeld, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, will present results of the event "Urban Age Debate 1: Socialising Remote Work" (link to the recording of the debate) and the research conducted in advance in a conversation with with Andreas Horchler, Convent Kongresse GmbH. Will it be more important in the future to save travel time and costs and live more sustainably by working from home, or should knowledge work continue to take place in city centers to keep local service providers alive? What aspects will be most important to working in the city - building networks of trust and collaboration, an easy access to services, an increased productivity, or perhaps something entirely different? Join us to hear answers to these and other questions about the working world of the city of the future. 

Watch the record of our event here.

For questions about Urban Age, please contact Elisabeth Mansfeld.