Digital Europe 2030 Virtual, March 25, 2021

Move – Das Zeitalter der Migration

Digital book presentation with author Parag Khanna

"Move – Das Zeitalter der Migration": Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Rowohlt Berlin Verlag jointly present Parag Khanna's new book in a virtual event on 25.03.21, 5 pm. After a welcome address by Anna Herrhausen, the author will debate his theses with Hannah Neumann, Member of the European Parliament. Anna Sauerbrey, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, will moderate.

Please follow the live recording here.

About the book: With "Move – Das Zeitalter der Migration," Parag Khanna turns to the big questions of our time: the complex interplay between demographic imbalances, labour shortages, political upheavals, economic crises, technological automation, digitalisation and, not least, climate change does not allow for linear forecasts. Nevertheless, he dares to take a visionary look into the future and concludes that humanity will have to redistribute itself across the globe in the coming decades.

About the author: Parag Khanna is a political scientist, strategy consultant and publicist. He is the founder and CEO of FutureMap and has been a fellow at various research institutes, including the Brookings Institution and New America Foundation. He was foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, US Special Operations Forces in the Middle East, and the National Intelligence Council. Khanna is a CNN expert on globalisation and geopolitics, and regularly publishes articles and essays in newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Financial Times. In 2018, Rowohlt Berlin published the book "Our Asian Future," which became a Spiegel bestseller. In 2019, Parag Khanna was a contributor to a book published by the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, "Think. Order. Form. Forwards." Today, Parag Khanna lives in Singapore with his family, where he taught for several years at the National University.