Lunch with... Virtual, May 26, 2021

"The Corona Pandemic: A Trial for Humanity?"

With Christiane Woopen, Chairperson of the European Ethics Council and Professor for Ethics and Theory of Medicine at the University of Cologne

In Germany and many other countries, vaccination against COVID-19 is in full swing. This is not only a logistical mega-project. The unprecedented campaign also raises many ethical questions and confronts not only decision-makers with difficult moral considerations: Our humanity is on trial. On May 26, we want to discuss with Professor Christiane Woopen how we as individuals and society can deal with this. In our series of events "Lunch with..." she will open the discussion with a keynote speech.

It is now a certainty that COVID-19 is not just a viral disease, but a socio-economic stress test. The consequences of the pandemic do not affect everyone equally, viewed nationally and internationally. The last few months have shown that people who are already disadvantaged are further burdened by the pandemic. What is up for discussion is how we as a community distribute not only health burdens, but also social burdens.

The participation in the virtual table talk is only possible for invited guests. If you are interested, please contact Antonia Marx.

The keynote speech as well as a summary of the discussion will be available on our YouTube channel after the event.