Fellowship Digital Europe Virtual, July 6, 2021

Fellowship Digital Europe: Argument-Checking and Hope-Based Communication

Discussion with Andreea Belu (European Digital Rights), Ruben Brave (Internet Society Netherlands) and the fellows of the Digital Europe Fellowship

The rapid digitalisation in numerous fields is transforming the European political and public sphere, offering opportunities whilst also posing many challenges like the spread of mis- and disinformation and hate speech. Simple fact-checking is not enough anymore – we also need to debunk the stereotypical and negative narratives and change them into positive and hope-based ones.

On July 6th the fellows will meet Sounding Board members Ruben Brave, Dutch Internet pioneer and board member at influential tech or media-related organizations such as the Internet Society Netherlands (ISOC) and the Dutch Startup Association (dSa), and Andreea Belu, Campaigns and Communication Manager at European Digital Rights, for a discussion event about “Argument-Checking and Hope-Based Communcation”.

In addition to the Fellows of the Digital Europe Fellowship, other educators from the Understanding Europe network will also take part. Other interested parties are also welcome to take part in the subsequent discussion. We kindly ask you to watch the presentation "From fact-checking to argumentchecking" by Dr. Federica Russo and Dr. Jean Wagemans, co-founders of KRINO and the Periodic Table of Arguments (Minutes 15:50- 54:20) in preparation for the event. If you are interested, please contact Antonia Marx.