AHG Live: KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst / Online: www.mydemocratisation.eu, October 15, 2021

My Democratisation

Hybrid art exhibition at this year’s Innocracy conference

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is delighted to be one of the partners of the Innocracy Conference 2021 hosted by Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ).

At this year's conference, we will approach the theme of democracy from another angle: we will experience it through somebody else’s eyes.

In addition to keynotes, debates and workshops, the conference will contain an art exhibition showing different perspectives on democracy. Together with DPZ, we capture memories and wishes around democratisation. We asked 17 people to share what democratisation means to them personally. The artist Leo Leowald transformed the different impulses into illustrations.

The exhibition can also be viewed online at www.mydemocratisation.eu.