Digital Europe 2030 virtual, January 27, 2022

Towards a positive future vision "Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy"

The expert group will devote itself to the finalization of the positive future scenario and the development of strategies to get there

The future of democracy in the European Union will largely be shaped by the way we embed digital technologies in our societies, economies, and political systems. To successfully shape the digital transformation on the basis of democratic values within the EU, it is crucial that we develop a shared vision of how to deal with data in the future.

In the project "Digital Europe 2030: Data & Democracy," the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft convened an interdisciplinary expert group in November 2021 to explore the question of how the collection, analysis, and utilization of data can proceed to the benefit of our democratic societies in the future. After a two-day workshop for the conception of preliminary ‘raw scenarios’ in December, the interdisciplinary group of experts is now dedicating itself in a final workshop to the finalization of the desirable future scenario and to the elaboration of strategies to get there. Starting from the current situation of the EU, possible paths to reach a positive vision of the future will be developed.

The project benefits from the additional expertise of a Sounding Board.

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