New Urban Progress Virtual, March 23, 2022

Migration and energy policy as urgent topics of cities: Meeting of the New Urban Progress Sounding Board

New Urban Progress Sounding Board discusses the role of cities for migration and energy policy

What challenges and pressing issues do cities face in the modern era? The members of the Sounding Board from the New Urban Progress project discussed these questions in their meeting. Two key issues emerged as particularly pressing:

1) Whether currently in the Ukraine war or in the summer of refugees in 2015, cities bear a special responsibility when it comes to migration. Thus, cities are the central points of arrival and anchors for many migrants.

2) At the same time, global circumstances, such as changing energy policies, are also linked to the net-zero agenda of many cities, as this is where an enormous contribution is made to emission savings.

Overall, cities have a relevant role to play in global challenges such as climate change, economic policy, and foreign and security policy, due to their global interconnectedness and increasing urbanisation. The question arises as to how this is reflected institutionally: The New Green Deal is increasingly opening up to cities and recognising their role in the course of ecological transformation, and overseas and in economic policy formats such as G7, local is not left out but glocal approaches are gaining importance.

In this way, the sounding board also lays a foundation for the upcoming U.S. trip in April. From 21st to 30th April, the 20 Fellows will visit the cities of Austin, Chicago and Denver and explore current challenges as well as solutions for cities worth to live in future.

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