Urban Age Task Force Urban Age Task Force| April 7, 2022, April 5, 2022


In the light of our Urban Age Task Force, our project partner LSE Cities hosts a panel at this years’ Delphi Economic Forum. In “Thriving amid Turbulence: Imagining the cities of the future” the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, and the former Deputy Mayor of Paris, Jean Louis Missika, who is also member at the board of trustees at the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, discuss their experiences on how urban citiziens can lead more equitable, healthier, and greener live.

Cities are very much on the front-line of the prevailing changes and challenges of our time, be it the global pandemic, the refugee crisis, or the climate change emergency. Thus, cities are main forums to address and shape the transformations liberal democracies are confronted with.

The European capitals of Athens and Paris have introduced new policies that aim to make their cities more liveable and sustainable. Moreover, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and LSE cities are currently joining forces in the Urban Age Task Force Athens under the Urban Age programme to support the city government in their endeavour to undergo successful transformation processes. More information here.

The panel is moderated by Professor Ricky Burdett from the Urban Age programme at the London School of Economics and Political science (LSE).

The Delphi Economic Forum conference raises the question of how to better prepare for an ever changing and fast-paced world, build back better and aim for more resilient societies amid multiple crises. The forum gathers top leaders from across sectors in an effort to spark dialogue, inspire change, and transform conversation into action.

  • Panel: Thriving amid Turbulence: Imagining the cities of the future
  • Speaker: Kostas Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athen, Jean Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris (2014-2020)
  • Moderation: Professor Ricky Burdett, Urban Age programme, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Date: 11.45am, Thursday 7 April