Podcast April 13, 2022


In the latest ThinkForward-episode Prof Dr Nicole Deitelhoff and Dr Markus Kaim discuss the reorganization of Europe’s security policy in the light of the war in Ukraine.

When time comes for the war in Ukraine to calm down, how will Europe face its future? How will the war influence the world order in future? And how can we break out of the escalating spiral of violence and threats and move toward a peace-building security policy of the future?

Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, it seems the security policy agreed in the 90s for and in Europe is becoming a matter of the past. We have to find out how to deal with this new state of affairs. We need reliable answers to questions that have only just emerged.

In the latest ThinkForward episode, Prof Dr Nicole Deitelhoff, Executive Director and Head of Research Departmenet International Institutions and Transnational Politics at the Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, will discuss these issues. As well as Dr Markus Kaim, Senior Fellow at the SWP (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in the Security Policy Research Group).

An order that relies solely on military demarcation, on isolation and containment, is not particularly stable, or let's put it this way: it is extremely risky. We need something like confidence-building measures, norms and institutions that help us to ensure that things don't get again to the current point in which we fall back into a logic of escalation that brings us to the brink of destruction," says Nicole Deitelhoff.

The host for this episode is Ursula Weidenfeld.

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