Podcast May 20, 2022




The war in Ukraine is forcing Europe to act quickly on energy policy. But not only Europe and its economy are being affected by the current energy crisis caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. African nations face very similar challenges and are also confronted with the very same issues regarding the shift towards sustainable energy sources. Can new alliance in energy policy between Europe and Africa offer a way out of the energy crisis?

Both continents would profit from mutual strategic foresight and economic co-operations in Africa. An extensive partnership in energy could pose as an impactful alliance in times of fundamental global shifts in international power dynamics and strengthen sovereignty of nations in both Africa and Europe. At the same time, sustainable long-term investments in renewable energy sources could drive the urgently needed energy transition on both continents. But before opportunities for a common future can be explored, Europe needs to commit to an eye-to-eye-level approach and overcoming the wealth gap.

What this commitment could look like and how a common future could play out, is canvassed by Dr Franziska Brantner, Prof Dr Martin Stuchtey and Theodore Murphy in a new episode of our podcast ThinkForward titeld 'Beyond energy dependency - A new bond between Africa and Europe?'

The episode is hosted by Ursula Weidenfeld and has been realised in collaboration with our knowledge partner European Council on Foreign Relations.


Dr Franziska Brantner is a politologist and a member of the German Federal Parliament for the Green Party since 2013. She functions as an expert on energy, resources and developing countries in her position as parliamentary undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

Prof Dr Martin Stuchtey is a professor of geology and economics and a leading expert in strategies for resource management and sustainable economic systems.

Theodore Murphy is director of the Africa programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations. His experience and knowledge of African culture and entanglements are an asset to a vast number of NGOs and have been valuable for conflict resolution and mediation undertakings of the UN.

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