AHG June 30, 2022


Konferenz am 22. September 2022

‘If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change’ wrote Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in 1958. Decades later, we are witnessing a transformation of our society and politics, which are being rocked to their core by a series of profound challenges. The social, political, technological and economic status quo looks increasingly unsustainable. Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we were being overwhelmed by the complexity and urgency of the crises pressing in on all sides.  The successive impacts of climate change and the mirror that the pandemic has held up to our society are just two examples that demonstrate the political and economic realignment that will be needed if we want to preserve our freedom and progress. What vision can we have of the future in a time of rapid change? In a time when old certainties are becoming obsolete? How can we work together to responsibly shape the transformation our world is going through?

To mark our thirtieth anniversary, we’re taking time to think about these changes and challenges together at our conference ‘Bound to change: where are we heading?’, taking place in Berlin’s Quartier Zukunft from 2 p.m. on 22 September.

The event will kick off with stimulating contributions from Dr Anna Herrhausen, Executive Director of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Christian Sewing, CEO of Deutsche Bank, and Dr Robert Habeck (tbc), Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. In two panel discussions, speakers from business, politics and civil society will then share their thoughts on the most pressing issues for domestic and foreign policy, the biggest economic challenges – and the most urgent threats to our democracy. 

More information are following soon

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