Podcast November 17, 2022



The house is on fire, as Greta Thunberg said: At the COP27 world climate conference in Egypt, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for the 'next industrial revolution'. In order to still achieve the Paris climate goals, a radical shift in politics and economy is needed. But (how) can profit, economic growth and wealth affiliate with climate protection and sustainable economic activity? How can our economy maintain its international contestability? Can their even exist a such necessary binding framework for a green economy on international level and can it be fair? And how can developing countries succeed in participating equally in the global economy and the fight against climate change?

Sabrina Schulz and Ralf Fücks discuss this in a new episode of our #ThinkForwards podcast. Together with host Ursula Weidenfeld, they talk about what signals are needed from politics for a change of direction and how business can actively help shape the change towards a sustainable future.

The guests

Sabrina Schulz is a board member of econnext, a company that invests in sustainable start-ups and thus promotes climate-friendly business. As an expert on climate, energy, biodiversity and sustainable finance, she has worked in a variety of networks and institutes.

Ralf Fücks is the founder of the Berlin-based think tank Zentrum Liberale Moderne and former politician by the Green Party as well as board member of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Fücks is also the author of various writings on the topics of sustainability and liberalism.

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Please note: this episode is in German.