To mark our thirtieth birthday, in September we’re releasing an anniversary magazine in which we reflect on questions such as: what have been the key driving factors in our society over the past three decades? What made us pause and think? What is still relevant – and what will become relevant in future?

The magazine sets out the key parameters for building a better and more resilient society of tomorrow, and seeks to inspire political and economic strategies for achieving that goal.

Read the magazine online here.

Printed copies are available at: Quartier Zukunft, Friedrichstraße 181, 10117 Berlin as long as stocks last.


This autumn, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is celebrating thirty years since our founding. In our anniversary magazine Where Are We Heading, by reflecting on highlights from the past thirty years, we identify parameters that promise great potential for future social and economic transformation.

We also invited international voices from politics, business, and civil society to contribute: what forward-looking ideas are needed to prepare democracies for the future? How can we strengthen self-efficacy and open dialogue? What are the competing liberal and autocratic visions of the future, and could a shift in perspective help bring our multipolar world closer together?


Contributors include the historian Heinrich August Winkler, Munich Young Leader, Kanica Rakhra and political commentator Diana Kinnert. There is a foreword by Dr Anna Herrhausen, executive director of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. We also go on a photographic journey through time and present a selection of past projects, with the aim of identifying the issues and approaches we should continue to focus on as we move forward.

If you have queries about the publication, please contact Alexandra Hunger.