• Bold ideas for the future

    A series of short essays addressing an altered future

What is #ThinkForwards20xx?

Thinking ahead in unusual times: Building on the multimedia project "Think. Order. Form. Forwards" we are now picking up the thread and putting the project’s content in a current perspective How can we maintain and shape our community in and after the pandemic? How can a free and open society function in the future? How have our perspectives changed, and what can we do as citizens? If the pandemic marks a turning point, can positive things happen? #ThinkForwards20xx rethinks, looks ahead and gives impulses for concrete action.

Why #ThinkForwards20xx?

Think. Order. Form. Forwards – in 2019, we took up Alfred Herrhausen's thoughts and ideas in a multimedia project with 40 participants and conveyed them into a discourse of the present. With #ThinkForwards20xx we are now looking further ahead. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the topics from Think. Order. Form. Forwards appear in a new light: The current development of the world underlines their progressiveness and significance. With #ThinkForwards20xx we want to reflect, give impulses and make an active contribution to shaping the future of our free and open society.

How does #ThinkForwards20xx work?

#ThinkForwards20xx  launched with a series of short essays. Participants of Think. Order. Form. Forwards reflected on their contributions from today’s point of view and derive concrete recommendations for action for an altered future. European cohesion, the economy for people, digital learning – the essays address industry actors, politicians, citizens, and society as a whole alike. Contributors are, amongst others, Denise Feldner, Ulrike Guérot, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, Margret Rasfeld, Thomas Straubhaar and Heiko Fischer.

#ThinkForwards20xx also wants to provide a space for young voices and perspectives. In spring 2021, we are therefore cooperating with the Cologne School of Journalism (Kölner Journalistenschule) to give budding journalists a forum with their topics and arguments. We will publish the students' short essays on our website and via our social media.

Click here for the short essays. You will find them in publications in the section Free Thinking.